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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find the rules for my division?

RHBL Website has all the rules.

Where do I get ice from if there is an injury?

Every ground should have a canteen that can provide ice. In saying that there are occasions when canteens are not open and for that reason all kit bags should have a crackable icepack in it for training and games.
Chemist Warehouse Ice Pack

What is the procedure if it is raining and a game is called off?

If you are the home team you must advise your opponents within a reasonable time frame. Their contact details can be found on the RHBL Website All grounds are usually inspected on a Saturday by 7am and the RHBL website is updated accordingly. For Greenway Park, we will also update our Giants website and facebook page.

Set up of Diamonds and Pack up

If you are a Friday night game at Greenway it is expected that you will set up and pack up your own diamond. Everything you need is in the equipment room. You are expected to rake the diamond when finished too. If you are on a Saturday morning game, our Groundsman and team will do their best to set up all the diamonds needed for that day. Any help is always greatly appreciated. You will need to check with the canteen on the day to see if you are the last game on that diamond as it will be your responsibility to pack up the diamond and rake the cutouts. All equipment for diamonds 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 are in the equipment room.
If you are using Greenway on Saturday or Sunday afternoons (PCBL) you are required to set up your own diamonds and pack them away. All equipment for diamond 2 is in the equipment room and diamond 1 has a locked storage area under the scorers box. Any questions should be directed to Dave Ninnes, our Grounds Coordinator on 0403876460 or

Where do I get game balls from?

Game balls are stored in the canteen. Every home game you must collect 2 games balls from the canteen and these are both given to the umpire. At the end of the game these should be returned to your kit to use as training balls. If you require any game balls when the canteen isn’t open, you will need to contact Chris at
Seniors: or and arrangements will be made to collect a box of game balls from the equipment room (to which the relevant coaches and managers have the combination code).

What if something is missing or broken from my kit?

You will need to contact Chris at and he will provide or fix item.

Can I coach without a coaching accreditation?

Simple answer is NO. You must have completed your coaching accreditation and be listed on the BNSW as an accredited coach. If you would like any details on coaching accreditation please contact Ainslee or Steve on Both Head Coach and Assistant Coach must have completed the online component and be registered to complete the practical portion.

Do I need a Working with Children Check number?

If you are a Coach, Assistant Coach, Manager or at any stage helping at training then yes you need a Working with Children Check number and this must be sent through to Brooke at All WWCC numbers are sent to RHBL for validation.

How old do I have to be to feed balls into the pitching machines?

You must be 18 years or above to feed balls into the pitching machines.

How old do I have to be to umpire a game?

You must be the age and playing division above the game you are umpiring. Eg. If you are 14 years old you cannot umpire the same age group you play in ie. You cannot umpire Junior League. You can only umpire TBall, Zooka, Rookie Live, Minors or Majors.

How old do I have to be to base coach?

12 years old. You must also be an accredited coach.

What are the requirements for base coaches regarding helmets?

All live balls games require all base coaches to wear the skull cap provided in each team kit. The exception to this is anyone under the age of 18 must wear a full helmet i.e. With ear coverings

Do umpires and coaches sign the match result sheet?

No. Due to Covid guidelines they do not. Refer to RHBL Covid Guidelines Addendum 2020 20201012

  1. (Scorers to physical distance where possible. Result Sheets do not need to be signed, Umpire’s Name to be printed on the Sheet. Visual verification by the Scorers and Umpire is satisfactory. Names of all Coaches to be printed on Result Sheet.)

What is the Covid check in procedure at Greenway?

All spectators must use Greenway Giants Covid QR code check in which is located at the Canteen area and the entrance near Diamond 1. Players and officials are to use the Covid training app that is specific to your team. This is the one that is used for training.

Can I use Diamond 1 to train on if I am a junior?

Diamond 1 is designated for Senior League, PCBL and Women’s League only. Diamond 2 is generally for Junior League, Senior League, PCBL and Women’s. Diamond 3 is generally for Minors, Rookie Live, Zooka, Tball. Diamond 4 is generally for Majors, Minors, Rookie Live. Temporary diamonds 5, 6, 7 and 8 are generally for Zooka or Tball. However in wet weather these can change.

Can I crouch down to a child that is pitching to me at training or a game?

No. Face masks for coaches are in every kit and should be used if crouching down to receive a pitch.

Can I drink alcohol in the batting cages?

No, you cannot.

Can I change, erect or modify anything in the batting cages?

No, you cannot.

Can I enter the batting cages without a booking?

No, you cannot. Bookings are to be made with Brooke at

How can I access the batting cages?

Your coach and manager will have been provided access to the cages (Bluetooth) and should you need access you should coordinate this with your coach/manager. The cages are a Club facility and it is crucial that it is not altered nor left in a state that would detract from other members of the club using the cages. There is a strict no alcohol policy in the cages given it is a share facility with Juniors. Should you want to have a hit and some beers, please hit first and then enjoy a beer outside the cages as a member of the public. Any infractions to these conditions are a breach of the Code of Conduct and will need to be dealt with by the Committee.

Juniors: What do I pay the umpires?

The fees for Greenway are purposefully the lowest in the RHBL to avoid any undue impact to our members. The umpire fees as presently set as $50 for adult umpires and $30 for junior umpires. Payment needs to be made to the umpires immediately following or prior to the game. If you are a minors or JL team, it will in all instances be an adult umpire.

Where can I find a copy of the draw?

Juniors: The draw is available on the Giants website and is likely to change from time to time. Managers should check the site at minimum each Friday for the game locations. If need be, you can check the RHBL site where the cover page of the draw section will detail all changes are listed to games. You will not be notified if there is a change to your game, therefore you MUST check the site every Friday.
Seniors: The draw is also available on the Giants website. The full draw, which could change, and the next upcoming game are shown. If need be there is a link the PCBL website on that page.

Where is the best place to park at Greenway?

We have two main carparks. One is the entrance where the swimming centre is. It is closest to diamond 1 and 4. The other carpark is the lower carpark next to the skatepark. It is best for diamond 2. There is street parking that is close to diamond 3.

Can I yell out at a Juniors game?

Positive comments as to the way your children are playing is absolutely encouraged. Any coaching is the responsibility of coaches and parents should avoid coaching comments in the game. For example: ‘go to the front of the box’, ‘get closer to the plate’, ‘move to your left/right’, ‘hit the ball’, ‘hard on you’, ‘unlucky!’, ‘you’re better than this’, are all comments that are not appropriate for spectators. ‘Great work’, ‘Good effort’, ‘good pitching’, ‘smart pitching’ are all appropriate and positive comments. As a Coach, you should communicate these expectations to both your players and parents.

Where can I walk when the game is finished?

There are a number of games underway at any point in time and you don’t want to be that person that disrupts another game. The standard rule is to walk around the established (1-4) diamonds. Do not walk across the field if there are games on any diamonds.

Where can I buy jumpers, jerseys, hats etc?

You can buy hats at the canteen. Clothing merchandise is available on our website or by contacting or

Who is allowed in the dugouts?

The only people allowed in the dugouts are players, coaches and manager. At no point is there to be siblings or parents in the dugouts.